Monday, November 16, 2015, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Present: Absent: Bob Brick, Damaris Vega, Morgan Healy, Ljuba Marsh, Tom Weiner, Brenda Rodriguez, Tom Gardner, Priscilla Baez, Hazel Rosario, Brenda Cepeda, Jaq Tuttle, Christina Cruz, Frankie Santos, Genesis Santos,

Guest Speakers: Melissa Mirhej, Dr. Juan Carlos Alonso, Julian Hartman-Russell, Olivia Biller,
Mickey Bonilla and Manuel Santiago, Jr.

Absent: Heyda Martinez, Rhonda Soto, Keith Purcell

1. Public Comment: None

2. Approve Slate of Officers: Proposed officers are Damaris Vega for President; Tom Weiner for Vice President, Keith Purcell as Treasurer, Priscilla Baez as Clerk. Bob Brick motioned to accept the slate of officers, Tom Gardner seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous in favor. New community member candidates will be discussed next meeting and because of the delay, Damaris will call to update them on the progress.

3. Review and Acceptance of October Minutes: Tom Gardner had arrived late to the October meeting, with addition of his name, Bob made a motion to accept the minutes, Jaq Tuttle seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous in favor.

4. Special Report: Melissa Mirhej presented her report on how funds are used for Academic Support broken down by departments and programs. Priscilla Baez asked that Melissa report again in December on the data they’ve collect to date, which she will do.

5. Finance Committee Report: Because he is absent, Bob Brick reported for Keith Purcell.
The Business office is slowly catching up and the audit is complete and will be submitted by the end of the month. We have been working with a firm we used during the first 2 years.
There is no budget report this month with Keith being out.

6. Parent’s Report: Hazel Rosario reported the meeting with students and parents about HCC went very well. Good turn out and parents asked good questions, which were satisfactorily answered. Parents also had concerns about school security and plans for graduation.
The updated and corrected Board contact list will be sent out before the next parent meeting.

7. Student’s Report: Bernice Kwade gave a description of the HCC experience. Some students were struggling but those who were doing well stepped up to help them get on track. Ljuba amended their schedules so it wouldn’t be so hard to manage. Student Council sent out a survey to the student body asking for their thoughts on the atmosphere at PFSJ. Once the data is collected, a report will be given to the Board next month. Student Council will be going to Boston to observe government process and will report on their observations. This Friday there will be a “movie night” at the school to help raise money for the ASL field trip. Andrea Chakour was mentioned as being an important resource for college help for students.

8. Faculty Report: Jaq Tuttle reported that members of the staff interested in the union asked to have union representatives attend the next Board meeting or have Board members attend a union meeting. The Public Comment portion of the agenda would be an appropriate venue for members of the union attend a meeting. Brenda Cepeda said she would get more information and report during the December meeting. Tom Garner mentioned that the Board and the Union have specific protocols used regarding how they interact with one another. Jaq said there was no real progress on the Grievance Policy this year. Bob offered help facilitate GP meetings and will put together a list of times he’s available and collect any paperwork the committee needs as well.

9. Old Business: Both the parents and staff members, after reading the DESE Expulsion Policy, gave it a “thumbs up.” Tom Gardner motioned to accept the Expulsion Policy, Tom Weiner seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous approval. A suggestion was made to have items of old business or last minute topics that need additional time be designated “for follow up on next month’s agenda. The one active grievance case will hopefully be resolved by the Holidays.

10. President’s Report: Damaris Vega, newly voted president used the time to answer a question about Ingrid Askew not being able to be at meetings. Sending a letter was suggested and Ljuba said she would contact Ingrid because she has known her for many years and ask her what she wants to do. Also the designation of Ex Officio would be given to founding members not attending regularly, giving them the right to come to any meetings in the future.
Once Damaris has the updated Board email list, she will send the resumes of the 2 candidates for community representative. She also said the deadline for anyone still interested in being on the Board will close by December and they should submit a letter of intent and resume for consideration.
THE SLATE OF COMMITTEES: Financial Committee; Keith Purcell, Tom Gardner, Hazel Rosario, Damaris Vega plus an investment specialist and a banking specialist.
Executive Director Evaluation Committee; Heyda Martinez, Tom Weiner, Tom Gardner, Damaris Vega. Social Justice Committee: Heyda Martinez, Morgan Healy, Bernice Kwade, Jaq Tuttle. Bylaws Update Committee: Hazel Rosario, Bernice Kwade, Bob Brick

11. Principal’s Report: Ljuba Marsh lauded Jaq Tuttle’s work with HCC, the students attending and the support net she has created. For the rest of the school year the faculty will be training using RETELL facilitated by trainers from Brown University through their grant program. All teachers must be certified in the program and PFSJ faculty will be trained over the course of year during the professional development days. This program is free for our staff through the Brown grant.

12. Executive Director’s Report: Bob Brick reported that he and Ljuba will have coaches for cultural awareness training. Pat Romney will be working with Bob. He then turned his time over to Dr. Juan Carlos Alonso for a briefing on our Wellness Program. A plan incorporating academic support, mental, physical and emotional health and the support systems needed to facilitate it. He used a power point program to illustrate how the components combine to ensure our students get the help & support they need.

13. Special Presentation: Julian Hartmann-Russell, Olivia Biller, Mickey Bonilla and Manuel Santiago, Jr. reported on the Nuestra Comida program bringing fresh, organic, local and culturally familiar foods to school lunch programs through a grant from the Kellogg Foundation. The program will last 2 years corresponding with the development of the new school building and which Paulo Freire Charter School will be the model best practices school in the country. An slide presentation illustrated how our students are already collaborating with other agencies and schools.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm

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