Monday, September 14, 2015, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

1. Public Comment – (10 Minutes)
2. Review & Acceptance of June Board Meeting Minutes (5 Minutes)
3. Discussion: Presentation by Jaq Tuttle on our HCC program.
4. Finance Committee Report (15 Minutes):
· End-of-year Financials
· Audit Update
· How to Read Financial Reports Presentation
5. Parent’s Report (10 Minutes)
6. Student Report (10 Minutes)
7. Staff Report (10 Minutes)
8. Old Business (5 Minutes)
· Reminder of Board Training and Retreat Dates
9. President’s Report (10 Minutes)
· Grievance Policy Process Update
· Membership Issues
10. Principal’s Report (10 Minutes)
· Staffing Report
11. Executive Director’s Report (10 Minutes)
· Expulsion Policy Review and VOTE
· Enrollment Policy Review and VOTE
12. New Business

Meeting Came to Order at 6:07pm

I. Public Comment
No public comments were made.
II. Review & Acceptance of June Board Meeting Minutes (5 Minutes)
May Meeting Minutes: B. Brick will bring May minutes for the next meeting at the request of Board Member T. Gardner for possible corrections and to verify the inclusion of I.W.W. in the notes.
June Meeting Minutes: B. Brick made the motion to accept the June Meeting Notes. S. Lemons seconded. Motion passed.
III. College Liaison & Internship Coordination Report – Jaq Tuttle
Shared details regarding her new position at HCC (Holyoke Community College)
Seventeen (17) students have been placed in internships. All students must complete fifty (50) hours of an internship by the end of their senior year as a graduation requirement. This happens regardless of whether or not a student is placed in HCC.
Jaq works one-on-one with the students at HCC on various issues, challenges and concerns.
Jaq helps students find their interests and helps look for possible careers.
Jaq is the bridge between PFSJCS and HCC.
There will be placement testing in October for non-seniors who are eligible to take classes in the Spring.
Jaq will be communicating via newsletter (in both English and Spanish).
There will be a commitment to have students come back to the school and keep the feeling of “home”.
There will be a breakfast once a month with students to connect back with PFSJCS.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Keith Purcell
K. Purcell presented the budget.
B. Brick – In the coming months there will be a more operative/meaningful data because the school is in session, (Graphs)
T. Gardner – Requested that K. Purcell be on the October agenda.
P. Baez – Question: About the future kitchen. Matter was tabled.
L. Marsh – Question: State payments are they quarterly or monthly? Answer (B. Brick) Monthly
T. Gardner – Question: Regarding fundraiser. Answer (B. Brick) – Invite Igualdad to speak at Board Meeting.
Finance Committee will be meeting before next month’s board meeting to review budget.
H. Rosario – Question: Where does the money go that is fundraised? Answer (K. Purcell/B. Brick) You won’t see that in this report because it’s not an itemized list of our checking account. In these reports it’ll just fall under fundraiser but finance committee can go over each grant. Our financial information is public.
Finance Committee meeting time is going to move. Bob will send out a Doodle to invite.
We ended our year in the black. Out total income > expenses. (1% in the black)

V. Parent’s Report
There was a parent orientation held for each grade this year.
Low attendance at parents’ meetings still tends to be an issue. Outreach efforts will continue and they are looking for more ways to improve the attendance, perhaps meeting before school starts in September.
Question: How was the turnout for the Seniors’ meeting? Answer: 90% of the parents showed up.
Concern: Some parents due to language barriers are reluctant to speak at meetings or attend events. They shut down. Solution: Translation/Translators should/will be made available.
Concern: Confidentiality
Discussion: Having a parent’s meeting in Spanish or translator at the meeting. Concern: Might turn people off/away; may feel uncomfortable. Also… How welcoming are the meetings?
Question: What % of parents speak Spanish only? Answer (B. Brick) Have had meetings about this issue. Too late for funding this year.
Suggestion: Policy Change regarding meetings – Heyda Martinez
Proposal (Demaris): Publicize two (2) Meetings (Spanish and English) in two (2) rooms
Hazel Rosario Comments:
Protocol: Bob is first for all school issues
Kudos: Eduardo – The Sotomayer visit to Springfield field trip
Melanie – Puerto Rican Parade participation
Workshop: Cultural Issues Workshop Needed – White vs. Latino Differences
Better Board Communication

VI. Students’ Report
No student report was given.
New students will be elected by their classmates next week. Students are self-nominated. New members will be in place by the next board meeting.
New Essentials this year for Student Council (2x/week)
Proposed: Trip to Massachusetts State House.
Proposed: Have former members of the board (students) share their experiences.
Question (S.F.) Charter Review to address changes that students have proposed.
Discussion: Communication is a big issue with students. The community needs to encourage participation in the process. The student presence is sorely missed.
Suggestion: Letter to parents explaining the challenge and ask for their support.

VII. Staff Report
Cultural Competency Training by Heyda Martinez was approved for the new staff. Training dates are: 9/22, 9/24 and 9/29.
Group training need: Time set aside for staff to discuss board and minutes. Department Directors have a plan for this to happen.
P.R.I.D.E. – 15 minutes of dedicated reading time has been incorporated in each academic class.
Teachers are to submit weekly updates to the directors.

VIII. Old Business
Retreat for the Board of Trustees:
October 24, 2015
9:00 – 3:00
Location: PFSJCS
Breakfast & Lunch will be provided
Pat Romney will be here.
Election Date: Publish them. New members will be expected at the October Board meeting.

IX. President’s Report
Not united on the number of Parent representatives to the board. At minimum there should be four (4).
Next two weeks: students will self-nominate for open board positions (1-year terms) Three (3) representatives from each grade. Total number of student council members is twelve (12).
Students can vote if they are 18 and older.
Important that the students are here for the board retreat on Saturday, October 24th.
Community Membership: Ingrid Askew not in attendance in two (2) years. Proposed that she be offered a non-voting permanent board status similar to Rhonda Soto and Reuben Sepulveda. This will mean there are two (2) more open seats on the board.
Motion: Letter to Ingrid regarding her status and the suggestion. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
Need to review the needs of the board in looking for new members. Community members need to meet.
Discussion: Board needs more diversity, in particular Holyoke community members. H. Martinez says she has two (2) candidates for the board and has their resumes for submittal.
There should be a meeting before the next board meeting to discuss board recruitment.
Question (S. Lemons): What is the definition of “community” member? Discussion: Not firmly defined, open definition, reflective of the PFSJCS community.
Kudos on the solid beginning of the new school year.
Grievance Policy Update:
Sofia and Kelly were going to share with the staff what has been discussed and what issues to exist. (They are the point people)
Next step: Draft proposal due at the November meeting.
Discussion: People meet over the summer to discuss issues. Friday staff meeting did happen in the Spring as well as the meeting with students. There needs to be time to discuss this in the meeting schedule. (This needs to be a guaranteed time)

X. Principal’s Report
Hit the ground running this year.
Diversity was raised as an issue of concern last year. Update:
75% of Faculty/Staff are of color.
Every level has seen a change
Question: Is there a stated goal? Answer: Not a specific one.
Comments: Aides should be more diverse. There should also be more bi-lingual staff members.
Academic Support: Kudos to Melissa on the work she has done with her department and the changes made.
Reading Specialist position is still open. Interim (part-time) is Selena Gomez
Agenda Item Request for Next Meeting: SPED

XI. Executive Director’s Report
Required by the DESE:
o Enrollment Policy Update – has been approved by the DESE and needs a vote by the Board. (Bob provided approved update)
o Expulsion Policy Update – Submitted to DESE for approval. If approved will be submitted to the Board for approval next meeting.

XII. New Business:
Tom Weiner:
I. W. W.
Department Directors
Restorative Justice
Academic Support
Follow-Up on grievance with Caridad Martinez

Heyda Martinez:
Social Justice Training – only new staff attending due to time constraints.
Concern: There is a fee to be charged. Conflict of Interest because she is being paid. $500.00
Finance Disclosure Form – Heyda needs to mention it and cannot vote on this.
Board Vote: Approved the expenditure.

Issue: What happens to a staff member when their behavior comes into question? What are the consequences?

Meeting Adjourned: 8:10

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