November 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees Meeting

November 13, 2017

  1. Call to order: 6:06pm- Ruben Selpulveda

Present: Ruben Selpulveda, Dr.Isabelina Rodriguez, Joseph Smith, Kevin Dumpson, Stacey Phillips, Brenda Cepeda, Rhonda Soto, Theresa Austin, Lucy Mule, Danny Sanchez, Ruben Colon, Jariela Cruz

Absent: Dr. Heyda Martinez; Jonathan Rivera; Thomas Gardner

2. Public Comment:

Dr. Rodriguez welcomed Lucy Mule, Theresa Austin, Ruben Colon and Danny Sanchez to the Board.

3. Vote Approval of Minutes –

Motion to approve minutes: Motion made by Rhonda Soto

Stacey made editing suggestions to correct the October Board minutes.

Motion to accept the corrections made to the October Board Minutes: Motion made by Rhonda Soto: All in favor


Back in session– 6:30pm

Motion to approve June Board Minutes: Motion made by Brenda Cepeda: Second by Joseph Smith All in favor.

4. Approve Slate of Officers:

Positions available: President, Vice President, Clerk, and Treasurer

  • Ruben Selpulveda nominated Tom Gardner as Clerk: Seconded by Rhonda Soto : All in favor
  • Rhonda Soto nominated Kevin Dumpson as President: Brenda Cepeda Seconded the motion: All in favor
  • Ruben nominated Stacey Phillips for Vice President: Stacey declined
  • Stacey Phillips nominated Brenda Cepeda as Vice President: Jariela Cruz seconded the motion: All in favor

Dr. Rodriguez read and reviewed the qualifications and responsibilities of the Treasure as outlined by the By-laws and explained that the current candidates did not hold the requisite qualifications therefore the Treasurer position is still vacant.

5. Approval of Board Meeting Dates and Finance Committee Meeting Dates

Dr. Rodriguez presented to the Board suggested dates for Board and Finance Committee Meetings for the period through August 2018.

Motion to approve Board Meeting Dates and Finance Committee Meeting Dates: Motion made by Kevin Dumpson: Second by Joseph Smith: All in favor

6. Finance Report:

Andres went over the financials for the previous year and then presented the financial forecast for 2017-2018. (See attachment)

Andres explained that because the enrollment number is lower than what was expected the financial total number for the year is lower than expected as well.

Dr. Rodriguez shared with the Board all the efforts the school has put into the image of Paulo Freire so that the enrollment number can rise. She also informed the board that during the past couple weeks there has been students enrolling and that since the report there was an increase of 10 students already. Luis the enrollment coordinator has been in touch with families from Puerto Rico to get those kids enrolled as well.

7. Informational Reports:

  • Executive Director’s Report:

Dr. Rodriguez informed the Board of the various community connections and connections made during the last month, to include:

o South End Community Center Ribbon Cutting

o Administrators meeting

o Foreign Exchange Visiting Teacher from Netherlands (ITD)

o MCPSA Regional Meeting held at PFCS

o DESE Charter Leader Meeting

o O’Connell Open House

She also shared with the Board the Professional Development provided to all staff during the last PD day which involved looking at Data to inform instructional practices. It was a very successful day and well received. She explained PD has been planned and will include High Quality Instruction and Academic Rigor in the Differentiated Instruction Classroom; as well as PD in reviewing policies, procedures and structures that impact diversity that lead to equity and achievement for all learners.

Finally, she explained two final important items to the Board: Paulo Freire emails and the Board self-assessment along with the launching of Board on Track. First, Dr. Rodriguez explained that she had assigned each member a Paulo Freire email and asked that all Board members use this email only, and the school will be using this email as the primary address for communication. In this manner any OM request can be handled without jeopardizing personal accounts, and as the school transitions to a server, all emails can be stored on the server, ensuring data back-up. Lastly, Dr. Rodriguez reviewed the launching of Board on Track portal, reviewed with members the conditions set by the Commissioner, the status and the requirement of the final condition of a self-assessment. She reminded members it was for this reason that they had received an email asking them to log on and urged them to go in review video and to take self-assessment.

  • Principal’s Report:

Included the following information:


  • Second Quarter began 10/30/17 -Teachers will notify parents/guardians about conferences and office hours
  • MCAS Night Parent Night
  • Placement Testing for HCC 11/8/17
  • PD on Data- 11/7/17

Ruben Selpulveda shared a few words with the Board and expressed the hard times he had when first coming onto the Board as President. He provided the new President and the members advice as to how to move forward, encouraging them to focus always on the needs of the student. He also shared how glad he is that the school is now being led by a Latina Executive Director, an African American Principal and a diverse Board. Ruben then resigned from the Board by informing them that tonight was his last last day as a Board President/ Member. He will no longer be a part of the Board.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Stacey: Second by Dr. Rodriguez

Meeting adjourned – 8:22

Respectfully recorded by Gleny Rodriguez and submitted by Dr. Isabelina Rodriguez for review and approval.

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