October 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2017- Board Minutes


Gleny Rodriguez

  1. Call to Order: 6:19pm – Ruben Selpulveda

Present: Ruben Selpulveda, Dr.Isabeliina Rodriguez, Joseph Smith, Heyda Martinez,

Tom Gardner, Kevin Dumpson, Stacey Phillips, Jariela Cruz

2. Public Comment:

Isabelina introduced Robert Houle, Tyrell Financial Advisor of Unity Financial and Insurance


3. Vote Approval of Minutes-

Motion to approve minutes: Motion made by Tom Gardner; Second by Heyda

Martinez. Passed: All in Favor

4. Nomination of Board Officers:

– Lucy Mule

– Michael Ford

– Dr. Austin

– Bernice Kwade

– Stacie Phillips

– Ruben Colon

Ruben informed members that there are only two seats available therefore only two can be selected.

Vote New Members:

  • Mr. Gardner nominated Lucy Mule- Kevin Dumpson seconded – all in favor
  • Dr. Martinez nominated Dr. Austin – Joseph Smith seconded


Discussion followed regarding Dr. Austin’s nomination.

Ruben expressed his concern regarding Dr.Austin nomination, expressing that he had heard that she had been nominated previously and not been approved by the Board because of her involvement with the school.

Heyda Martinez- stated “To clear the issue she did not work in the school she was here when the school started”

Jariela Cruz- “She was here years ago for a teacher orientation she seemed very resourceful but I never saw her again”

Dr.Rodriguez – “I had an opportunity to review her resume and speak to her and I would agree she does seem very resourceful”

Mr. Dumpson- “Can she be put aside if the other two seats are not filled she can have one? She expressed her interest in the board before and she was not accepted obviously there is some history and questions.”

  • Kevin Dumpson motioned to table the vote for Dr. Austin- 4 in favor 3 against 1 abstain
  • Joseph Smith nominated Michael Furd, Kevin Dumpson Second

4 In favor, 1 against, 2 abstain

  • Ruben explained what happens when you abstain.
  • Stacey expressed how uncomfortable she was doing the voting process and not knowing anything about them.
  • Kevin explained that according to the Robert’s Rules when there is a vote the Board members should vote and not have a discussion unless it is on the agenda and they should also not be allowed to change their vote.
  • Tom suggested that they reviewed the candidates first and then they vote

After further discussion it was decided to review all the nominations together and then vote on them after all nominated individuals were reviewed.

  • Kevin withdrew his motion to table the vote Dr.Austin – Passed: All in Favor
  • Joseph Smith withdrew the motion to nominate Micheal Furd- Passed: All in Favor
    • Kevin suggested another way to vote- listing all the candidates in the order you would like them to be chosen. Members agreed, all members listed the candidates and prioritized in order their choices.
    • Dr. Rodriguez and Ms. Rodriguez reviewed the results and presented the recommendations to the Board.
    • Dr. Austin and Dr. Mule were first and second choices of the Board.
  • Tom motioned to accept the vote on Dr. Austin and Lucy Mule: Kevin Seconded: Passed All in favor

5. Additional member recommendations:

  • Stacey was elected by the Parents at the last Parent meeting, extending her term by one additional year.
  • Ruben Colon has been recommended as an additional parent representative and he will be elected at the November Parent meeting.
  • Jariela Cruz was welcomed as another teacher representative.
  • Letter will go out to PFSJ alumni to solicit members to form an Alumni Committee.

6. Informational Reports:

  • Executive Director’s Report: (see report)
  • Taste of Holyoke
  • Classroom visits
  • Administrators Meeting
  • Parent Meeting regarding Dual Enrollment
  • Teacher/ Staff Orientation
  • Rally for Social Justice
  • Open Mic for Social Justice
  • Audit
  • Re-Charter Visit
  • Completed and Submitted Title I, II, IV and IDEA grants by deadline. Close to $400k
  • Principal’s Report:
    • Recent Community Events Included-
  • 10/1/ 17 Holyoke Racial Justice March
  • 10/13/17 Open Mic Night

Recent School-wide Events Included-

  • 9/27/17- Open House
  • 9/29/17- Teacher Professional Development Achieve 3000
  • 10/10/17 -Coffee with the Principal
  • Senior’s Lounge reopened
  • Hired Social Worker- Antonia Santiago
  • In the process of creating a committee that will celebrate teachers and staff

Upcoming School-wide Events Include-

  • 10/16/17- After-school Program Begins
  • 10/17/17- 2nd Open House

Founding Member Extension

Ruben nominated Tom Gardner to take Ljuba Marsh Founding Member’s term on the board for another year- Isabelina Second the motion: Passed – All in favor

Heyda Martinez- extended her term for another 3 years.

Ruben Sepulveda- extended his term for another 3 years.

Tom Gardner motion to adjourn, second by Kevin Dumpson.

Meeting adjourned- 8:47pm

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