Educational Philosophy

We believe that every student is capable of personal academic excellence if provided with the right educational environment, excellent teachers, and comprehensive support systems.

1-High Expectations- PFSJCS promotes a rigorous academic and social curriculum with high expectations for student performance and behavior. All students are expected to master a college preparatory curriculum so they can successfully complete college. Research has shown that student grades improve when schools establish and maintain high expectations. (Tauber, Robert T. 1998)

2-Active Community Membership-PFSJCS intentionally brings students, parents, teachers, administrators, and board members together as a supportive community for communication, collaboration, to uphold the mission, and share a common vision of achievement. Having a shared vision has been proven to help with community development and school success. (Walsh, J. 2000)

3-Excellent Teaching-PFSJCS recognizes the importance of hiring and supporting highly qualified teachers, who are: passionate about their subject, skilled at establishing a positive and productive classroom environment, committed to differentiating instruction to meet individual needs, able to provide meaningful feedback, willing to communicate regularly with parents, and committed to student success.

4-Clear Goals and Expectations-PFSJCS provides clear standards and rubrics for academic and social performance, so that all community members know expectations and have a clear and consistent understanding of what constitutes mastery and success.

5-Specific Data and Feedback Systems-PFSJCS uses meaningful and supportive assessments systems to determine student/school needs, make appropriate adjustments, and meet or exceed student/school performance goals.

6-Individualized Support-PFSJCS will address the individual needs of each student through: identification of strengths, abilities, and areas of concern; creating and monitoring student success plans; utilizing differentiated instruction; providing classroom and afterschool support systems; and assuring college preparation and support.

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