Principal Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith received his BA from Albany state university in communications. He has also completed Master of Science programs in Special Education and in Reading. A life long learner, Joseph Smith is currently completing his doctorate in education at northeastern university in boston, ma.

Joseph Smith has held several Adjunct Teaching positions. While at Long Island University, in Brooklyn, New York, he taught graduate level Special Education course “Special Education in the Urban Setting ”. During his tenure at Bay Path University, Mr. Joseph Smith taught Reading at the undergraduate level. He has presented at several national conferences including TABE (Texas Association on Bilingual Education).

Mr. Joseph Smith has an extensive background in Education that began as a teacher in Albany New York. Here Joseph Smith began his teaching career in Special Education. He taught in public and private schools for nine years, before moving to the pioneer valley. He taught in the Amherst public schools for two years before joining the administrative team for another two years as an assistant principal. In 2010, he was appointed his first principalship in Northampton, MA. Since that time he has worked as a Special Ed Director,Director of Pupil Services in Great Barrington and Springfield MA.



(Freirean Quote – “Teaching is always political because it determines who benefits and who loses when decisions regarding curriculum, practices, and pedagogy are made”).

My vision is that students and teacher alike, grasps the true meaning of Freirean Pedagogy by emboldening students to reflect on the purpose of learning and learning for a purpose. Educators, parents/guardians and students will create a school community that is galvanized around a common understanding regarding Educational Social Justice.

When you walk into any classroom in the PFSJHS, you will observe intellectual engagement driven by students. Students are actively engaged with each other, collaborating on solving real world problems. Students understand the importance of reflection. Learning is project-based and student-centered.

Teachers are employing best practices (Broader umbrella term for RTI). Teachers are modeling, facilitating, empowering, and challenging every student to reflect critically. Utilizing “Culturally Responsive and Socially Just Practices”, teachers wholeheartedly believe that each student brings valued insights, experiences, and knowledge with them.

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