Board of Trustees

At Paulo Freire Charter School we include members from all the important groups at PFSJCS on our Board of Trustees. That means parents, students, staff, administrators and community members represent their groups as voting members on the Board and help to govern the school.  More about the Board >>

Administration Team

School-Wide Executive Director – Gil Traverso (gtraverso@paulofreirecharterschool.org) Chief Academic Officer – Christine Murphy (cmurphy@paulofreirecharterschool.org) Grades 9 & 10 House Administrator – Jessica Oliveras (joliveras@paulofreirecharterschool.org) Dean of Students – Joey Kotright (jkotright@paulofreirecharterschool.org) Grades 11 & 12 House Administrator – Joanna Allen-Oleet (jallenoleet@paulofreirecharterschool.org) Dean of Students – Desmond Maisonet (dmaisonet@paulofreirecharterschool.org)