Board of Trustees


At Paulo Freire Charter School we include members from all the important groups at PFSJCS on our Board of Trustees. That means parents, students, staff, administrators and community members represent their groups as voting members on the Board and help to govern the school.

Name Board Title Affiliation(s)
Kevin Dumpson President Suit Up Springfield, Youth Social Educational Training
Dana Motley Vice President Veritas Preparatory School
Phylis Gedeon Treasurer University of Massachusetts Amherst, Youth Works of MassHire
Andrew Keaton Clerk Springfield Soul Music Festival, Nu Soul Collective, WTCC Radio, Former Reentry Supervisor (PRI) DOC, Supreme Investigations, Director Brotherhood on the Move Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Inc.
Darryl Moss Community Member Afro Renaissance Arts Society, Association of Black Business and Professionals, WTCC Radio
Lucy Mule Community Member Associate Professor of Education and Child Study at Smith College
John Jarvis Community Member Professor of English and Cultural Studies at Bay Path University
Terrell Joyner Community Member Elms College, Unity Financial and Insurance Group
Floyd Cammock Staff Member History Teacher and Department Leader at PFSJCS
Brenda Cepeda Staff Member Special Education Teacher at PFSJCS
Christine Murphy Non-Voting School Administration Member Chief Academic Officer and Director of Academic Services at PFSJCS


The Board is responsible for Policy, oversight of finance including budget, and supervision of the Executive Director to make sure they are carrying out the mission and vision of the school.


The Board meets the third Thursday of every month at 5:30 PM at the school. Members are expected to serve on at least one subcommittee such as Finance, Social Justice,Academic Achievement and Governance Committee. Committee meeting times vary and are posted on the website. 

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes