Executive Director

Isabelina Rodriguez, Ed.D.- Dr. Rodriguez joined the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) in January 2015, first as Bureau Chief of Special Education, and most recently as Chief Academic Officer. In these roles, she was tasked with ensuring regulatory and fiscal compliance with Individuals with Disabilities Education Act(IDEA) and working with colleagues within and outside the CSDE to help ensure high expectations and improved outcomes for Connecticut students, including those with disabilities, and English Learners (EL); as well as to develop and implement effective curriculum and instructional policies and practices to support improved outcomes for students and their families.

During her professional tenure, Dr. Rodriguez held an Educational Administrator position for over 20 years. Serving as Superintendent of Schools within the communities of Northampton and Granby Massachusetts, for almost eleven (11) of those years. As an Educational Leader, she led systemwide school change efforts to raise the achievement levels of all students, including student with disabilities and other subgroup populations.

Dr. Rodriguez has also held various Adjunct Faculty positions, presented at National, State and Regional conferences on such topics as: “Difficult Conversations; Walking the Tightrope”; “Communicating Your School Budget”; “School Committee Relations”; “School Schedules and Start Times”; “Educational Outcomes for Latino Students”, “Technology Essentials for Today’s Superintendents”, School Committee Relations” , “Closing the Achievement Gap”, “Educational Equity and Excellence”, “Educating the Homeless Child”, “Assessing Limited English Proficient Students”, and “Special Education and the ELL child how to tell the Difference” .

Dr. Rodriguez has served on National and several State level advisory Committees: “Superintendent’s Evaluation Task Force”; “The Governor’s Readiness Task Force on Teacher Recruitment and Retention”, “Personnel Advisory”, “Working Group for Educator Excellence (WGEE)”. “Bias Review Committee”, “Beyond Discord: Resolving the Tensions Between Charter and Public Schools”, “Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners”, “Eligibility for Special Education”, and the “The Special Education Advisory Committee”.