Kira Jewett

Kira has been a passionate supporter of PFSJCS since she wrote a letter in support of the school when it first applied for a charter in 2011, and has been on staff since the day the school opened.  She began as the school’s biology and environmental science teacher, bringing students into nature to study ecology and the workings of living beings, and even running a Winter Survival class in January!  In Year 3 she became Science Department Leader, and stepped into an Acting Principal role in the spring of 2017 and Interim Principal in the fall of 2018. This is her first school year as full Principal of PFSJCS, and she could not be more excited to be in a leadership role in such a unique and rewarding community      dedicated to social justice education.

 Kira’s own education includes a bachelor’s degree in Geology and Geophysics from Yale University and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies with a focus in education from the University of Montana; her thesis there explored environmental justice in the public school curriculum in both the city of Missoula and the Flathead Indian Reservation.  She has completed coursework in Environmental Justice through the Tufts University Peace and Justice Studies program, and is on the advisory board of Eagle Eye Institute, a nonprofit whose mission is to use the power of nature to transform urban youth.

 When she assumed the Principal role, Kira created the following vision statement which she would like to share with our school community:

 My vision for PFSJCS:

We are a vibrant, joyful, thriving school where everyone feels welcomed, appreciated, and supported to be their best selves.  All stakeholders are fulfilling all aspects of our school’s vision by living the school’s social justice values of integrity, self-advocacy, allyship, critical consciousness and activism.  Through shared leadership, we are creating and maintaining systems that meet the academic and emotional needs of all of our students, and we integrate Social Justice into our structures, practices and curricula at every level in a robust and integrated way.  Students, teachers and other staff are all receiving both the support and accountability needed for robust and meaningful learning to take place.

 I believe…

...that every human being is a miraculous gift

...that integrity is at the core of anything that works well

...that the scientific method - asking a question out of curiosity, developing an accurate way to test it, and examining the data that arises - is an effective (not to mention fun) way to inform decision making

...that by unwaveringly standing for someone’s greatness, you allow it to arise

...that we are stronger if we are ALL expressing ourselves as leaders

...that partnerships with families and community organizations are critical to our succes